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Our bags are packed!

June 06, 2013  •  1 Comment

Washi Tape Roadtrip Luggage Tag We are heading out tomorrow on a 17 day road trip! EEEEEEP!

I'm in the nervous packing mode. I am just ready to have it all packed and to be on our way! 

I've been pinning ideas on my road trip pinterest board, but now looking at it, maybe I should have pinned more?!?!

Remember all of the glorious pot holders you made on those plastic looms with the stretchy bits of fabric circles? Well, well, well, be prepared to see some beauties of the pot holder world after a few hours in the car. I'll try to teach Julia and share with her too... :-)

I'm also so excited about the beautiful yarn I bought to show her how to finger weave. What we will do with all of our woven creations, I'm not sure yet. But it will be a fun way to pass the time!

Snacks!!! Yikes! I'm working on an easy way to pack them too. It may just be good enough at this point if they make it into the car! Haha! Well, I'm off to catch a little bit of sleep!

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Our bags are packed!