I love what I get to do!  


People ask what I photograph and my best answer is, "I photograph special projects."


I photograph real estate to show each home's character. I volunteer and photograph adoptions to memorialize the day that child becomes a part of a forever family officially. I photograph special events in coordination with SXSW, parties and celebrations. I photograph people to tell their story, project an image with new head shots, and showcase their musical and artistic talents. 

I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend! To the right is a photo of my daughter, my husband and me. We love to travel and have dance parties in the living room to the Beatles, YMCA, and local Austin musicians. If you call me and it takes a second longer than you would expect for me to answer, I’m probably having to turn down the volume of life. :-)

I love that I get to capture incredible, once-in-a-lifetime, take-your-breath-away, emotionally charged, happiest and most meaningful moments in peoples lives. I also super-love the hand holds, the secret smiles, the wisps of untamed hair, the pudgy toddler hands, the wrinkles of a newborn, the stolen glances, the mischievous looks, the curious furrowed brows, and the tiny moments in every day life.

You are ready for me to capture your memories today for tomorrow. Now what?


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Let’s shoot and then select your new portraits!

About a week after your session, we will meet for your ordering appointment where you will view your 20-30 images. I will be there to offer help to plan wall portrait locations, grandma album inclusions, and the print for dad’s desk recommendations.

Let’s get started!

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